INTRAW – The International Raw Materials Observatory

The Public Organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ as a Linked Third Party took part in the INTRAW project.

Grant agreement ID: 642130

Starting date of the project: 01.02.2015

Finish of the project: 01.02.2018

Project Description: INTRAW is a three-year EU funded project in the framework of the Horizon2020 programme. The European Federation of Geologists (EFG) is the coordinator of aconsortium of 15 partners from different countries including Australia, United States and South Africa. Most of EFG’s members are also part of the consortium as EFG third parties.

The INTRAW project aims to develop new opportunities for cooperation in the development of raw material bases for critical types of minerals in Europe with Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United States, concerning:

  • Research and innovation;
  • Raw materials policies and strategies;
  • Joint educational and skills programmes;
  • Licensing and permitting procedures;
  • Data reporting systems;
  • Exploration, extraction, processing and recycling practices;
  • Management and substitution of Critical Raw Materials.



Under the coordination of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), INTRAW brings together an international consortium of 15 partners with extensive experience in research, innovation, education, industry, trade and international networking across the entire raw materials value chain.

The outcome of the mapping and knowledge transfer activities will be used as a baseline to launch the European Union’s International Observatory for Raw Materials as a definitive raw materials knowledge management infrastructure.

EFG Linked Third Parties

  • EFG member associations:
    • Belgo-Luxembourg Union of Geologists (Belgium-Luxembourg)
    • Croatian Geological Society (Croatia)
    • Czech Association of Economic Geologists (Czech Republic)
    • The Finnish Union of Environmental Professionals (Finland)
    • French Geological Society (France)
    • Professional Association of German Geoscientists (Germany)
    • Association of Greek Geologists (Greece)
    • Hungarian Geological Society (Hungary)
    • Institute of Geologists of Ireland (Ireland)
    • Italian National Council of Geologists (Italy)
    • Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (The Netherlands)
    • Polish Association of Minerals Asset Valuators (Poland)
    • Portuguese Association of Geologists (Portugal)
    • Slovenian Geological Society (Slovenia)
    • Serbian Geological Society (Serbia)
    • Official Spanish Association of Professional Geologists (Spain)
    • Geosection, Swedish Association of Scientists (Sweden)
    • Swiss Association of Geologists (Switzerland)
    • Ukrainian Association of Geologists (Ukraine)
    • Geological Society of London (UK)
  • International counterparts:
    • American Institute of Professional Geologists (USA)
    • Australian Institute of Geoscientists (Australia)
    • Geological Society of South Africa (South Africa)
    • Geoscientists Canada (Canada)

INTRAW - Project Dissemination in Ukraine

INTRAW - Collaboration Agreement

INTRAW - Technical Report

INTRAW - Second Factsheet

INTRAW – Press-release 12-2016

November 2-3, 2016 Workshop for INTRAW project national experts ‘Practice of subsoil use in Europe and Africa’ took place
Workshop program (PDF)
List of participants (PDF)

October 13, 2016 Workshop for INTRAW project national experts
Workshop program (PDF)