Members (participants) of the organization may be individuals who recognize the Statute of the organization and pay entrance and membership fees.

Members (participants) of the organization may be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons legally residing in Ukraine who have reached the age of 18.

Relations between the members (participants) and the organization, not provided for in this Statute, are governed by the relevant treaties and the current legislation of Ukraine.

Membership (participation) in the Organization can be simple and honourable.

By the decision of the president of the Organization, individual members (participants) of the Organization that have personally made a significant contribution to the development and activities of the Organization, to geological prospecting and exploration and geological science and to the state and society as a whole can be granted honorary membership and personal awards. Regulations on honorary membership (participation) and personal differences are approved by the Board.

Decisions on admission to membership (participants) and withdrawal from its membership are made by the Board on the proposal of the relevant separate division of the Organization on the basis of the application.

Members (participants) have the right to leave the Organization at any time on the basis of the relevant application submitted to the Board not later than one month before the planned date.

Members (participants) that do not comply with the requirements of the Statute and decisions of the governing bodies may be excluded from the Organization by decision of the Board. The decision to exclude members (participants) may be appealed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The rights and liabilities of members (participants) of the organization

Members (participants) have the following rights:

  • To elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Organization and to receive information about their work;
  • To participate in determining the main activities of the working bodies of the Organization, as well as in all other activities carried out by the Organization;
  • To participate in the formation of the governing bodies of the Organization;
  • To receive Organizational, advisory and methodological assistance;
  • To receive informational publications of the Organization;
  • To discuss any issues of the Organization and make suggestions for improving the work of the Organization;
  • To use, in accordance with the established procedure, the property of the Organization and
  • To withdraw from the members (participants) of the Organization.

Members (participants) are obliged to do the following:

  • To comply with the Statute;
  • To implement decisions of the governing bodies of the Organization;
  • To pay entrance and membership fees and
  • To take an active part in achieving the goal(s) and objectives of the Organization.

To join the association, you need to contact the local regional division on the recommendation, which is attached to the application addressed to the сhairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists. If the division is not registered in your region, the application shall be accompanied by two recommendations from the full members of the association with experience of participation in the association for more than five years. Applications are sent to the Board for consideration to the following address: 04114, Kyiv, 28 Dubrovytska Str., PO Ukrainian Association of Geologists.

The UAG members who have filled in earlier, or fill out a specialist form or a student/young specialist form with no work experience are automatically participants in the program of employment and adaptation to the conditions of market economy for specialists in the exploration industry in order to preserve the staff and intellectual potential of Ukrainian geology, adopted at the V Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists.

The electronic ID certificate

At the request of an association member, a certificate of a member/honorary member of the association is sent to his/her e-mail address.