Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 1 (41), JANUARY-MARCH, 2013

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10th anniversary of «Ukrainian Geologist» 6
Pavlyshyn V. The Russian genius of Ukrainian orgin in Kiev: Research and managerial activity of academician Vernadsky in mineralogy and related sciences (towards his 150th anniversary) 9
Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Pavlo Apollonovich Tutkovsky. The 155th anniversary 19
Yakovleva V., Vlasyuk L. The history of the formation of State institution «The museum of precious and decorative stone» 24

Blattman J., Tomashin D. Experience of using cordless system ZLand® in challenging conditions 32

Shestopalov V., Ryabchenko N., Moiseyev A. Influence of medicinal natural mineral waters of Sinyak’s and Golubinsk’s deposits on radiation induced geno- and cytotoxic effects in experimental animals 36
Zagorodnyuk P., Lisny G. The results of explicit record of velocity anisotropy concerning seismic imaging 42
Monchak L., Khomyn V., Maevskiy B., Shkitsa L., Kurovec S., Zderka T., Stasyk I. Gas of the thin layered low porous upper cretaceous rocks (shale gas) of Skybovyh Carpathians 56
Paranko I., Kurylo M., Bondar Yu. Integrated assessment of geological monuments of Krivoy Rog 63
Dudnikov M., Payuk S. The geological structure and oil and gas content in the south-eastern part of Dniprovsko-Donetsk depression 72
Murasta V. The algorithm of porosity determination of thin-layer deposits according to the log data (by giving an example of Maikopian series deposits of Ukrainian part of the Black Sea shelf) 78

Yakovlev V. On the geological interpretation of the Baikal porphyrya as a unique buried meteorite crater 85
Didenko P., Makarenko N., Kupenko I. Estimation of radondanger of the prydniprovska part of Pechersk district of Kyiv 90

60 years to Nikolaychuk A.I. 99
In remembrance of Anantoliy Yakovych Radzivill 100
Lelyk B. To the memory of Shulga Vitaliy Fedorovych, the outstanding coal scientist 102
Skurlov V. Franz Birbaum is the chief master of the Faberge. The 140th anniversary (1872–1947) 103

Rudko G., Staroselskyy E., Marych P. Оpen oil-and-gas content and perspective of Prypiat-Dnieper-Donets rift 108
Shumlyanskyy V. At the origins of the geological science 116
Radzivill A. Geological background of changes in ancient and modern history of Scythia, Greece and Kievan Rus 122
Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Biblical stones of Ukraine. Amber 127
Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Biblical stones of Ukraine. Afterword 132
Mershchiy V. Phenomenon of Edelweiss 135