The public organization " Ukrainian Association of Geologists" (UAG) is a voluntary, independent, transparent, open, public and self-governing Ukrainian public organization that unites its members on the basis of the commonality of their interests for the exercise and protection of rights and freedoms, the satisfaction of public, in particular economic, social, cultural, environmental and other needs.

The ideology of UAG is based on adherence to the principles of sustainable development, the awareness that the use of natural resources should ensure the growth of the economy to meet the needs of current generations, without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Today, humanity is faced with global challenges, the main of which are the climate catastrophe and atmospheric pollution, the threatening degradation of the planet's natural resources, harmful industrial emissions, environmental problems associated with the accumulation of production waste, the harmful effects of energy production, which prompts a green transition to renewable sources, unsatisfactory ecological condition of centres of human vital activity, population growth and migration, new viruses and pandemics, etc. The above forms a complex network of interdependence between the environment, society and economy In geology, in particular, there is a transformation of priorities in response to these challenges, which requires a new look at the role of geological sciences and new approaches to the organization and directions of geological science and production. Therefore, the activity of the Union of Geologists of Ukraine covers the issue of effective and balanced use of the entire set of natural resources, protection and preservation of the environment, integration of geological knowledge with other knowledge about the natural conditions and resources of the Earth.

It is geologists, having a deep understanding of the geosphere: its composition, properties and dynamics, interaction with the hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and anthroposphere, who, by joining their efforts, should be the leaders of new global trends in nature management and boldly face the challenges of the 21st century.

The main directions of the UAG activity today are the organization of the participation of geologists in the processes of green transformation and green transition, in particular through the establishment of a constructive dialogue between the state authorities and civil society, both at the level of Ukraine and on a global scale.

The association organizes industry scientific meetings and conferences, provides educational services and professional development services, publishes scientific publications and implements research projects; and also supports students of specialized sciences. The Ukrainian Association of Geologists promotes public awareness of geological sciences and awards special awards to the best in their profession.

The association initiates international projects and involves its partners in them. Citizens of many countries, including the European Union, participate in these projects. Many Ukrainian geologists worked and continue to work abroad, some of them acquired new citizenship, but did not break ties with the Union of Geologists of Ukraine. Therefore, according to the composition of its members, the Union is an international public organization.