KINDRA – knowledge inventory for hydrogeology research

The Public Organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ took part in the KINDRA project.

Grant agreement ID: 642047

Starting date of the project: 01.01.2015

Finish of the project: 31.03.2018

The Public Organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ is a national expert on the KINDRA project in Ukraine.

Project Description: KINDRA is conducting an EU-wide assessment of existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge based on a new the new Hydrogeological Research Classification System (HRC-SYS).

A special classification system makes it possible to systematize work, documents, projects, reports, databases, etc. to facilitate future searches and analyzes; promotes networking and expands the community of geologists and groundwater exploration.

20 members of EFG participated in KINDRA. National associations have organized series of workshops in their countries, including in Ukraine.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642047 (call WATER-4a-2014 - Coordination and Support Action).




Information materials for the KINDRA project translated into Ukrainian, present in the public domain and are concentrated on the Ukrainian part of the site.

We fully popularize information about the project, its objectives, main tasks, plans for the future.

KINDRA 2nd brochure

KINDRA Collaboration Agreement

Flyer GGMN 2018


The Ukrainian National KINDRA workshop was held in October,4 2016

The Ukrainian National KINDRA workshop was held in October,4 2016 during International Scientific Conference «Metasomatose and Ore Formation».

Done the reports on the essence the KINDRA Project, its problems and methodology of work. Highlighted the main results of the work, the essence and the task of creating unified EU’s database (GGMN).

All interested persons took part in seminar. Access to the seminar is free. Registration fee for participants was carried out by KINDRA project funds.

First announcement

Workshop Program in Ukraine, Kyiv

Workshop Report

List of participants

A letter to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

October 4, 2016 The workshop on the project KINDRA for national experts
Workshop Report (PDF)
Workshop Program (PDF)