CHPM2030 – Combined heat, energy and metal extraction

The Public Organization ‘Ukrainian Association of Geologists’ took part in CHPM2030 project as a Linked Third Party.

Grant agreement ID: 654100

Starting date of the project: 01.02.2016

Finish of the project: 01.07.2019

Project Description: CHPM2030 aims to develop a novel and potentially disruptive technology solution that can help satisfy the European needs for energy and strategic metals in a single interlinked process.

Project concept and approach: The European economy is heavily dependent upon energy and mineral supply for industry and society. Therefore, key challenges are: lowering the costs and the environmental impact of energy production, and decreasing the dependence on imported strategic raw materials. Responding to these challenges, the CHPM2030 project aims to develop a novel technology, which combines deep geothermal energy production with metals extraction from the geothermal fluid in a single interlinked process (Combined Heat Power and Metals – CHPM).

In order to improve the economics of deep geothermal energy development, the project investigates possible technologies for manipulating metal-bearing geological formations with geothermal potential at a depth of 3 to 4 km, and potentially even deeper. Our aim is that the co-production of energy and metals will become possible and may be optimised according to market demands in the future. The project will provide a proof of the technological concept on a laboratory scale.

Project Coordinator: University Of Miskolc / Unim, Faculty Of Earth Science & Engineering / Hungary

Coordinating team: Éva Hartai, Tamás Madarász and Aranka Földessy.

This project was funded by the European Union's research and innovation program Horizon 2020.



CHPM2030 brochure

CHPM2030 2nd brochure

CHPM2030 3rd brochure

Workshop 2018 in Las Palmas

May 23, 2019 Final Conference in Delft (NL)
Final Conference will be held in Delft (NL) on May 23rd, 2019, detail in press-release

October 12, 2016 Workshop for CHPM2030 Project National Experts
Workshop program (PDF)