Professional Standards Provision

The Ukrainian Association of Geologists, as a full member of the EFG, participates in the EFG program to ensure professional standards and stimulates professional development through the certification of European Geologist (EurGeol), which grants an internationally recognized European Geologist title.

Global trends show that the number of geologists working internationally is increasing, as are the corresponding requirements for the quality of their services that are being put forward by consumers, society, governments and financial institutions, as well as insurance companies. The purpose of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists participation in the EFG program is to assist Ukrainian specialists who have acquired high levels of training and experience in meeting international standards of best practice and mobility by being awarded the European Geologist (EurGeol) professional title, registration and certification by the EFG their status as Competent Persons on Geology. The first Ukrainian geologists were awarded the EurGeol title in 2015. By agreement and in accordance with the EFG Regulations, the Ukrainian National Certification Committee (NVC) was formed by the UAG:
Head: Volodymyr Bezvynny, EurGeol 1310
Member: Alexander Bobrov, EurGeol 1311
Member: Bogdan Lelyk, EurGeol 1312

The main function of the NVC is to evaluate the applications by the USG members for the European Geologist title as to the suitability of the applicants’ professional experience and current competence. The NVC shall communicate the results of the evaluation of each application to the relevant EFG Licensing Authority, with a recommendation for the European Geologist title, to those candidates who meet the criteria for the award of the title indicated in the EFG Regulation.

What is a professional EuroGeol title?

The European Geologist is a professional title, launched by the EFG, that confirms the high level of quality of services provided in the field of geology. The title automatically indicates that its holder has the appropriate academic background, experience, skills and appropriate professional competence to work in the industry. The holder of this title is obliged to constantly improve knowledge and follow the innovations in the industry.

What do you need a title for?

Professional titles have become significant in terms of demonstrating and validating the ability to provide geology services. A professional title involves a quality mark that demonstrates to consumers, the regulator and the public that a specialist is able to advise properly and can provide competitive commercial services to the customers, as well as assist the employers in providing such services. In the face of geopolitical challenges to the European Union and Ukraine, today, geologists must achieve and demonstrate a high level of professional experience in order to meet the demands of society within their activity.

Who grants the EuroGeol title?

The title EuroGeol is awarded by the EFG. The Federation represents the geological profession in Europe and has partners from professional associations in 28 countries. Today, there are 1622 EuroGeol title holders. The process of considering applications for title is carried out by the relevant licensing bodies of the Federation. Applicants from Ukraine apply through the Ukrainian NVC to the International Licensing Body (ILB), which acts under the auspices of the Federation Office in Brussels. Recommendations for election submitted by the licensing bodies are ratified by the Federation Council. The title holders register can be tracked on the website of the EFG.

Where is the title recognized?

The title is recognized throughout the European Union and plays the role of validation of professional experience in Europe and encourages the free movement of professionals. Mutual recognition of titles has been signed with the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and the Canadian Council of Professional Geologists (CCPG). European Geologists are recognized in these countries, as well as by the Australian and South African Mining Authorities, as accredited specialists with the authority to sign mineral resource reports within the scope of expertise, as well as to evaluate mining companies for quotations on stock exchanges.

EuroGeol is always a competent specialist

International practice requires the preparation of technical reports to be signed by competent persons who:

  • Have the appropriate qualifications;
  • Were attested at the appropriate institution;
  • Have experience in providing this type of services and
  • Keep an eye on industry innovation.

A professional geologist who is a member of the Ukrainian Assosiation of Geologists, a member of the EFG, with experience of at least eight years, may submit an application to the ILB through the Ukrainian National Certification Committee for the title of European Geologist according to the criteria and procedures provided for in Applications of Regulation.

The applicant for the title should demonstrate the following:

  • Ability to understand the complexity of geology and geological processes in space and time in accordance with the specialty;
  • Ability to use geological information to generate predictive models;
  • Ability to establish clear communication, oral and written;
  • Awareness of the value and needs of a professional approach;
  • Awareness of health requirements and compliance with safety rules, environmental impact, as well as all other responsibilities related to the industry;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Code of Conduct approved by the EFG and
  • Adequate attitude to continuing professional development upon the approval of the EuroGeol title.